Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Unexpected writing: Twin Flames Giving Up? Divine Reunion failing?

Divine Twin Flame Reunion - Unexpected Twin Flames Giving Up Divine Reunion failing
I have read in many facebook groups and all over the internet about these new energies and how they affect us, relationships and especially in Twin Flame couples. There are many discussions about this and now I wanted to share my experience and some insights about all of it. This writing is going to be long, but hold on and read it. It will be awesome read, I promise.

Let's start with this comment that I read today:

"What is going on! Is there something going on in the Cosmos, something with the energies, or are we under attack at the last moment? It seems that there are a lot of Twin Flames falling by the wayside today just as 12.12.12 gets started. It isn't just this group, I'm finding the same thing on other groups. Why now?"

Here is my experince and later there will come more indepth analysis why I feel like this...

I have felt the same. Me and my Twin Flame broke up 2 months ago and horrible ego drama came out of it. My other half had found a soul mate to patch the feelings and void that came out of breaking up. She has been suffering hugely with her own identity crisis, "ego death" and sexuality.  Finding herself again. After break up and ego games, we coudn't be in any communication like 4 weeks and then suddenly we were guided together last friday. She had self destructive thoughts and feelings, couldn't decide what feeling is towards me and what towards that other man. I did my best to help her, we talked on the phone and chat hours after hours. Realized both that we have this strong galactic soul connection that binds and connects us through time and space and that we love each other in that way. I am still fallen in love with her and I'm missing her very much.

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I hope that we might get together also in physical some day in this lifetime. But today 12-12-12 something happend and she emailed me that she has to find herself and connect to her soul more deeply. She is going through serious dark night of the soul. Besides that, she let me know indirectly that she has choosed this other man over me. I have accepted this and I'm peace with this decision... but still there is this belonging to reuniting in this lifetime. I know that there are many soulmates waiting for me, but also I feel that it is not the same thing. Why?

Because there is deep inner knowing that this is my last lifetime in this form in physical 3D reality... Knowing that and also that everything (i mean everything) is possible in this multiverse and that the original soul contract was to be together in this lifetime. Everything has changed so dramatically. The whole lifetime plan that we planned almost 200 years seems to gone down to a sinkhole of some sort. Knowing all of this, it would be great deprivation to be with soulmate over twin flame.

I'm a bit confused about this in a collective level, because so many twin flames and also other relationships has come to and end very strongly especially in last 2 weeks time. Are these new energies so different that even the strongest twin flames cannot see it through? Why so many of us are giving up? After all this TF is in it's energetic level a test for prime creator / source energy to find it's way back home and unite in every possible level, no matter how strong and hard the challenges might be. Why so many of us are choosing the easiest way to live this life? For what? to come back here again to play this human role playing game all over again? I feel strong responsibility for all of my soulparts in my soulfamily and i'm not a quitter. But what if that other half quits of trying, doing it's best?

Twin Flame Reunion - Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Soulmates
The very point in that comment of mine was as follows: You can see this life as a big multiplayer game, where prime creator / source is playing many different roles at the same time. The players are Souls that has sparked from Source, divided into two (twin flame masculine/feminine aspects). Inside this holographic fractal Energy-Matrix (playground) there are many energy vibrations, realities and time lines. Everything is possible since Souls are part of the Source. There are many ways of being, expressing itself as a Soul Consciousness. Every soul has its free will to do what it sees/feels is right thing to do.

In lower levels of the game there is only two things that separates us from the whole:

1.) Illusion of separateness of oneness
2.) Time, which is like a friction that slows down free will/intention

Multiplayer game is designed by and with other Souls and Soul Groups. There are many levels of this game, because of each individual Souls journey, past experiences, lessons and levels of wisdom/understanding/consciousness. Most of the Souls are designing their Earthly life in it's finest and tinyest detail, so they can experience life as full as they can to learn from it. This way of life can be seen as autopilot mode. Destiny is the word that people call these "coincidenses" that happens in life (friends, family members, children, soulmates, jobs, opportunities etc.)

There is also another way of playing this game: fully awake, aware and conscious. This is possibly only when Souls learning and past lives karma is in its final steps. Usually this is attained approximately 300-1000 lifetimes. In last lifetime in human experience in this 3D vibrational level there are those Souls who take a huge resonsibility about themselves and the whole Soulfamily/Oversoul. These Souls are often in a mission and they are lightworkers, healears, spiritual teachers, authors, inventors.

Twin Flame Reunion - Twin Flames, Twin Souls, Soulmates 3333
Then there is this Twin Flame aspect of this whole thing. Twin Flames are the highest part of the Soul family and thus Oversoul of the whole family. There is this mission that focuses on reuniting with all of the Soul parts in every energy vibration, realities and timelines. These Soul sparks (Twin Souls) come in to this last lifetime together and as it is preprogrammed in their energetic SoulMatrix, they will awaken in some preplanned time.

They are working themselves as much as they can individually and then they are attracted towards each other. Final stage is to work these karmic energies and programming lattices/patterns with themselves and also together. They are not healing only themselves, but also the whole Soul family/Over Soul and their Earthly family/bloodline.

And now for the conclusion of my earlier post:
When they are destined to be together (not all of them) but when they both know it deep inside of themselves (inner knowing, feeling / gnosis) then there is no point of return anymore. Mission is almost complete, they must learn to love themselves as fully as they can and then radiate this love in every direction. The end goal here is enlightenment, which is fully awake, aware and conscious state of pure love/awareness/consciousness of all that is and is not (not yet manifested).

If in this state of knowing you'll find out that the original soul contract and plan is not going to work in some reason, what will you do? Quit? Give up? Change the plan and choose very differently that it was originally planned? There is huge responsibility in a Soul level and we as Twin Flames are the master builders and reality benders. We know that everything is possible, so why even considering the easiest way to live this life through? Challenges are meant to show as our full potential and be the Co-Creators that we are.

This is why I'm feeling bad about all of this...

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  1. I feel your pain, but looks like she is not ready yet... All ego and karma issues have to be resolved before the full union. The reason for this is Twin flame energies are strongly affecting Earth matrix system. When you are both fighting, you creating very bad shifting and effect on Earth matrix that can be felt by others. Only two fully awaken entities can successfully unite into Twin flame relationship. Otherwise, it has to happen in other lifetime.

    1. I was very interested in reading your post thank you for being able to share it.

      I felt I wanted to ask all TFs reading this that there are always exceptions to the rule!!!!!!!!!

      There are so many other things in this free will universe that can change a plan from happening like it was supposed to from its "original agreement". I was told that nothing is set in stone and free will is respected in all relationships, in all souls and in Twinflame relationships. It is an irrefutable law of this universe and its therefore our right.

      I have read many many authors on the twinflame phenomena and it seems that almost all of the information that these websites are giving out seems to have been copied and pasted from one/many website to another (bar about 3 specifically that I have come across in almost three years of researching this subject) There seems to be now, an accepted set of rules, points, stages etc. This is pidgeon holing of the worst kind.

      I feel that Twinflames are being let down due to this, because you can never really fit this subject into a neat compartment. There are so many variations and Twinflames are first and foremost souls, and the reason they are here on the planet at this time can be for a host of reasons the reason being the operative word here.

      The reason I am personally here is very specific and not one website gave me anything other than soul growth, karma and not being ready as guidance. It is none of those things for me personally so I have been accepting this as a norm. When people decide to set up these information and guidance websites, they must remember they are influencing people directly and have a huge responsibility in doing so. It is not something that I would take on lightly. Perhaps ego comes into it?

      I am here for a specific reason and so might you. In order to satisfy the overriding feelings that would not fit into these website agendas, I had to really search for the truth, my truth and it opened my eyes to what I am truly here for. It also gave me more information of why the things that have happened to me, came to pass and I am now on full alert and fully aware of the enormous task that all Twinflames in reality have before them and it is much more important than I previously thought collectively as well as individually. I believe very strongly that all Twinflames would benefit from finding out more details of SPECIFICALLY WHY they are here individually as well as as a Twinflame couple as it could surprise them and allow them to see that we are a collective and this is very powerful in healing the planet.

      I will end with saying that there is more to Twinflames than meets the eye.

      My only wish in writing this is to give anyone reading this a reason to dig a bit deeper if you are up for it. Twinflames incarnating on the planet physcally at this time is still very rare so if you are truly in a TF connection and physically incarnated there may be more to your story than you thought before.!

      Peace and love

    2. Dear Peace and Love,

      Thank you for being open and sharing your thoughts. I too have suddenly awakened and am searching for answers and trying to understand more fully about Twin Flames. Recently I've found that I cannot stop myself from seeking information. As an individual I'm becoming aware of my purpose in relation to the bigger picture. I am about to write my exams and qualify to be a Montessori teacher.

      Yes, there are always exceptions to every rule. As co-creators, you can only focus on your own inner work, becoming a whole entity and being trully happy in yourself. I unfortunately was the runner and am still working on past karmic issues. I became fully aware of selflove when my TF told me how he felt about me... and for this knowledge I am grateful. I am now realising that I am imperfectly perfect. Love to all who are reading this.

      Thank you once again. I do believe 'Now,' that there is more to my story. I appreciate your comments.

      With love and Blessings

    3. You are so write. But on the other hand the websites about twin flames are great for stepping stone for those who do not know exactly why they are here. For me I was searching for mine sense childhood. I always knew of them and kinda where they lived and what they look like from neck below ( I believed that was done do I wouldn't find them too early), but it is a 5 year age difference. So why they were bring married I was in high school. Long story short: when we finally meet (which was a impossible meet) I was immediately ready to be with them. Then they drop a bombshell and stated they were married (seperated) and with two kids. I was like (what the hell). I am not going to lie it had gotten heated and words were exchange, which led to the seperation done by them. The moral of this is I did not know anything about twin flames nor why I was here till around the time they ranaway. But I do know I was trying my best to do whatever it took to meet these person I felt I was with on the other side. Now it could have gotten worse but twin flames articles and comments help me better myself and understand. Because like most comments on here who sugar coat there experiences (I was pissed, extremely hurt, and felt humiliated by him in front of the other side). Now I am here trying typing, trying to make it with my last soulmate before the reunion with twin flame, trying to better myself, trying to resolve my issues, become more spirit, enhance my abilities I never focused on because daydreaming about him. Its beyond harding than any article can write but my God, my guardian who I meet at 18, and all of you are helping me.

      For that I thank you all and hope this will help someone like you all have helped me.

  2. Hi,
    i really like the above comment from july 24. i have also noticed the doubling up of info.. and wondered how that came about... and leaves me wanting.

    i have met my TF in this life.
    we are not together, fully, yet. i would like to know more about how to "dig a little deeper" into why we are here. But how do i do that? guidance around this please! meditation?

  3. Hello,
    I have met my TF too but I am ready to give up on him. He incarnates everything I dislike in a man and I feel it's unfair the Universe chose this man for me. I am not saying im perfect but I believe I deserve way better than that. I dont see it as a blessing but much more like a curse. I also feel like I cant escape this man. Im stuck. Can anyone help? Thanks.

    1. I've replied below (August 8th) ;) Just in case you don't get notification as I posted in main part instead of clicking this bit!

    2. Don't give up, allow God and those whom watch over you to help. Don't allow it to get worst. Just tell him your wishes in a relationship and be honest is all you can do for him and mist definitely yourself.

  4. I feel the same way Anonymous July 29th. He is much older than me, our connection both times we have spoken/been around each other (only ever platonically) he has ended up treating me quite badly and he is not someone I ever would have chosen as a partner, much less my twin soul. I too feel there is a loving man out there that I could be finding instead of him, whenever it is meant to happen!
    It took almost twenty years and a second reconnection and parting for me to realise what it was. I have supernatural experiences around this man backed up solidly in real life, even though we are miles away and haven't spoken in three years. Dreams that are most definitely not dreams as well where he comes with messages for me. Just when I being to think this is all a load of rubbish and is perhaps in my head, something very obvious in the physical world happens to show me otherwise! Our career parallels are incredible, very spooky, close in timing and detailed, classic twin soul really. I do feel convinced there is something going on, and twin soul is the only explanation, but like you I feel a bit subsumed by it all, like I am waiting for something to happen. He has led a very full life, but I almost feel like I am being kept waiting for him against my will. I ran away from him and what I now feel is our shared career path for 12 years, since I was just 18 and I believed he was just an abusive person and my life was absolutely chaotic. I was in the wrong jobs.
    Since our second (and failed) reconnection I have gone back to what we were both involved in all those years ago (he still is) and my career is on track again. But his dream messages have made it clear to me - if I go abroad to continue my life (which I what, without this twin soul stuff I would d without doubt, our paths will part and we won't be able to fulfil whatever it is we're supposed to in years to come.
    I have seen what happened to my life when I tried to run away from this, and don't want that again. I have experienced so much magic and spiritual awakening, really truly incredible spiritual experiences and coincidences in real life, involving him and real people, that defy explanation. I know there is something very special going on, even if it makes no sense to me logically right now, and I feel I (and he) would be a fool not to appreciate it and accept it.
    So I hope my post has helped somehow - I really do sympathise as I feel the same way. I love him on that very deep fundamental level because I know we are connected, but I really don't like his ego personality. Something that has helped me is to just see his current personality as his ego, and not his soul. His ego personality has been created by this lifetime, by his upbringing, experiences etc and it changes with each incarnation. It seems to me that only our souls, our energies, our basic energetic natures, along with what we have learnt spiritually and certain skills useful to a future life, live on. Namaste x

  5. Great comments, but you are all forgetting something, the Twin Flames are the part of the same soul, so dislikes towards the other (Flame) are really things you dislike about yourself. These are the things YOU must work on, not them. FREE WILL gives them the choice to chose to run away from you. We are only here to serve GODs ultimate purpose to perfect our human-ness. We are not hear to steer the ship but to row the boat! We must all learn our lessons in order to perfect so we don't have to come back and do this again. If your SOUL FLAME leaves you for someone else (mine married someone else June 15th, 2013) it is part of THEIR learning process NOT yours. After my "dark night of the soul" my heart is now floating free in full acceptance of their spiritual journey. It's not about ME, it's about HE! He has his lessons to learn, things I can't teach him, only " a marriage contract" can. Most TWIN FLAMES do NOT end up together in the same lifetime, it is very rare to even meet your TWIN FLAME in the flesh! REMEMBER it's NOT about you, set them free, let your heart heal, and GOD will guide the rest of your life, give in to his ultimate purpose. LEAN NOT UNTO YOUR OWN UNDERSTANDING ... everyone is so determined to find soul mates and twin flames, has anyone realized yet, that we are to LOVE GOD above all (anyone) else. Why can't anyone ever realize this, I DID !!! GOD is my TRUE NORTH! No one else can take his place, he is all powerful and mighty!
    Blessing to all who read these words! Find peace in your heart, wish your SOUL MATE or TWIN FLAME well and LET THEM GO and LET GOD !!!

  6. Ultimately, how much free will does a twin flame really have within the confines of the connection? The connection being the key.

  7. Bottom line. Twin Flame or not, you have to let her have her free will. Loving someone unconditionally means letting them go and use their freedom to choose someone else or even choose not to be loved. There is no point in questioning her choices and schlepping the whole purpose of the universe and everything in it along with it. It's even quite arrogant to do so. Seems to me you have a bit of a Messiah complex to tend to. I'd feel quite pressured by you in her shoes, like the purpose of the planet and life itself depended on loving you. I'd run like hell. Sorry to be so blunt but dude, lighten up.

  8. Me and my twin got so deeply interconnected, he lit up all the dark parts I had yet to investigate about myself. I was able to cleanse my inner self intensely. I used to attract drama drama drama, people who used me, bullied me, and now I have peace.
    I intentionally did not sleep with him. Our energies were already so intertwined, adding a physical connection to that would have caused big problems. I felt very very attracted to him sexually but in my case there were also a lot of 'old programs' connected to my feelings of lust. I wasn't going to drag him into that, I felt in my deepest core that he needed something else from life, so I withdrew within myself and worked through those old programs and found they were actually a bunch of expectations he couldn't meet and I couldn't even meet myself. I'm glad I let him go. I have absolutely no idea how this is going to 'end' and whether I'll ever see him again. It doesn't matter really, we have exchanged energies and that will last me a life time. He has the Scorpio Mars energy and he lit me and my higher self up so intensely, I could see beyond myself and discovered deep insights that now sit quietly and peacefully in the back of my mind. He's probably the best teacher I ever had.

  9. To Anonymous from Sept 24 - Your post should be required reading for anybody doing research on the Twin Flame. I've only recently come to grasp that I have a Twin Flame, but she is reaching out to me from the spiritual side, not in the flesh. I'm amazed how many people I've seen in many different forums, Youtube videos, say they are here on Earth and have met their TF. For something that is supposed to be rare, it seems awfully common. I suspect many of these people are confusing soulmate(s) with TF. My wife is a soulmate, we are together on so many levels, it could be easily confused with being a TF connection.

    My TF was confirmed through the help of an empath/medium and helped answer questions to dreams/experiences I have been having ever since learning Reiki and Meditation. She had been trying to contact me but I was pushing her away in my dreams as I thought it was a not so nice female spirit just trying to get me to cheat on my wife in my dreams. I was given a choice basically, accept the TF and reconnect for the purpose of raising my frequency to hers since she is above me, or bargain a deal where she would leave me alone while I am on Earth, but I would always have this feeling of sadness and emptiness from not having her around.

    I of course have chosen reconnection because there is a higher purpose for all of us and I don't want to waste this opportunity to learn and grow further. I can feel when she is around me, that amazing feeling of tingly waves of energy pulsing from my head to my feet out of the blue. Also, this has no bearing on my marriage here on Earth as that is part of my spirital growing from being the best husband and father that I can be. Likewise, this has no ill effect on the TF, because where she is at, there is no such thing as jealousy and I can feel that my happiness on Earth is making her happy too.

    The only moral concern I had at first was that if I was going to reconnect to my TF, would that be the same as cheating on my wife. It was explained to me, through the empath, that it is not. This is completely a spiritual, growing, loving experience and is perfectly okay as long as I do not let it consume me and let it interfere with my life on Earth.

  10. I piss off with the shit so called... TF relationship.

  11. I have a question about the relationship with my TF now. He came to me very soon after I cleared my last earthly relationship (he is in 5D). I have recently learned that he may be 'merging' with soul mates? I knew he was in preparation for us. Is that something he is doing now, or only before our sacred (re) union? I know it is a dense, dualistic energy to be 'jealous', but I do feel that sexual relations...merging...at this time is ours and ours alone forever. It is difficult for me to think about him being with someone else, especially now. I know in his past incarnations of course he was, and even that hurts because there is no 'time'. I want him to have all the LOVE in the world, but that a sacred part of that is just for us. I know, ONENESS, but does that spill into the precious love of 2? The latter feels right....that there is a 'one and only' on a certain level. Please advise?? x0x0x0x0

  12. actually, you are born alone and you die alone. end of story.

  13. I can always feel my twin flame. He sends me so much love all the time, it's inbelievable...I know him and we are not a couple yet. I don't know what Gods plan is :-). Yet it feels so good and I feel so blessed I can hardly imagine to be more loved than I am loved by him already. This is his soul for sure, the 5th dimenson I can feel. At the end do we habe to be together as a coupke at all? Don't know...the feeling is already so intense :-D

  14. The TF is born to be nothing to torn their apart at the final stage. Meaning, if you've already have your couple you may take many years until the awakening stage. So, TF is not the secret lover

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