Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Stages of Twin Flame Relationships and Soul Reunion

Though the term "twin flame" is quite misrepresented on the Internet...and though the term is a little off the radar as far as mainstream accepted terminology, this video was requested by a subscriber, and I feel the information is important and relevant to empaths at this time.

A large percentage of my clients have mentioned meeting a person who fits the criteria of being what is termed their "twin flame." Having come to the harmonizing stage with my true twin flame (or what I call a "soul match"), I understand that the purpose of this type of union is to create a new paradigm of love in relationships on the planet.

I have been through every stage and I understand the journey. My support is available to you through individual or group guidance & energy healing, activations and attunements. Please connect with me if you feel you need help or guidance. I wish you blessings on your climb!

Highest Love,

The Stages of Twin Flames Relationships | Divine Twin Flame Reunion


  1. Deva Premal's voice is so wonderful. Thank you for sheding some Light about Twin Flame.

  2. HI jenna how do one connect to you who needs some help in their twinflame stages

  3. Apparently, your site has been hacked - it has a bunch of links replaced with links to a coin scam...

  4. I think I am at the last stage. I am finally strong enough to be truth with him. It got rediculous. I feel like my head is going to blow! I see how the fear of loosing this love has to be greater than the fear of having. FOR SURE! I could use some help.

  5. Hello, I find myself between the crisis and runner dynamic at the moment, it is hard but I have the power to resist and stay strong, I am glad there are many more like me and my twin flame. I also want to say thank you for the video, it help me to answer some questions my'' little soul'' was trowing randomly, I still fight with it to put it down,so far I have manged to cut it from a lot of things,and say no to desires and temptations .

    Be blessed