Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Remarkable and Unexpected article on Telepathy Between Twin Flames

Telepathy Between Twin Flames, Divine Twin Flame Reunion, Twin Souls
Karen: "How does telepathy between Twin Flames work?"

Astrid: "There are multiple channels of energy that run through both Twin Flames, connecting them together and to other soul family members, up through to soaurce and down to the rest of the universe. Telepathy works when the Twin Flames vibrate at the same frequency that sparks the channels between their minds to allow communication to happen between them. There is a sharing of mental energy, or sometimes other channels will vibrate at the synchronising energy that will enable soul emotions to be felt which in turn sparks this mental energy.

When one Twin Flame comes to tell another a message telepathically, or through soul and aura frequency, this sparks the same frequency in the other (as the are one already) and they are able to hear and send each other messages in this manner. It is similar to when spirit guides and other ascended souls communicate to earthlings through intuition. This is our frequency being delivered to the recipient to warn them or give them a "green light" about situations along their path. 
Sometimes when Twin Flames communicate either through the mind or through speech, they give off "false signals" in terms of saying things they don't really mean in order to push the other away. However, it is the Twin FLames duty to look to the messages being sent through the intuition. The intuition between Twin Flames, the exchange of soul energy cannot be hiden and it will show how the other REALLY feels. This is what Twin Flames must focus on - the eternal soul and not the immortal mind that creates blocks and restrictions to communication. - Read more here: http://why-twin-flames-run.weebly.com/telepathy-between-twins.html

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  1. Thanks for the article, it was interesting to read. I believe that i can talk telepathically with my Twin Flame, and have been told false information by her, pushing me away. I have wrote in my Blog about my experience which i have been lead to believe is Psychosis but which i feel is genuine and my experience on meeting her in Madagascar. Check out my Blog 'A RAINBOW CHILD LEARNING HOW TO BE HUMAN' if you are interested.

  2. Twin Soul Love teaches you patience, among a whole bunch of other good stuff. Wait for him or her and have patience, it is said that Twins Awaken around the same time, depending on Karmic issues between you, maybe even from another lifetime.

    I loved this article too!

  3. He tells me things that come true in real life, good and bad, and warns me too/lets me know a little in advance about certain things along my path, or people in my life, which are true. It's amazing.

  4. Whether your other half is aware I cannot answer. I am not 100% on this, it is only a theory I have in my head. When this happens I think it is an expansion of the heart chakra and the sacral chakra and it is our higher selves that is connecting (only my opinion)

    So I guess it would depend on how awakened he is spiritually whether he gets it or not. My SM very seldom experiences it unless he is awakened from sleep or very deep in thoughts about us during the day and I project it back to him.

    He does however know 'I get it' and tends to reach out during the daytime, just because he can. He uses it to let me know he is thinking about me. This happens whether we are together or not.

    So enjoy what you experience there is nothing wrong in it. I guess like everything else the more you do it the stronger it becomes

  5. I beleive in the twin soul telepathy but im just not sure this guy that I experience it with is my twin soul our energies were blocked but the telepathy was and is still there now I never talked to him lol I would just think of him and he would appear I even feel when he is near by but I guess it was blocked because of fear or anger that someone could know u so well I had no problems with it and still thankful to this day he can protect me if I call to him. Im a little confused now as to why or how the blocking is being lowerd down ad if to allow more comunication to come through but he is married unlesd he is seperated or divorced which I doubt .I also wanted people to b awhere of the false twins I currently experienced that to where u think this is your twin and they try to copy your energy levels that only u and your twin share but fall short. Don't worry I think your twin will intervine somehow and someway. Take care and stay safe I am a female bty

  6. I have gotten a warning in a dream a couple weeks before his wife was in hospital. And I gave him a look right before he hurt himself.