Friday, February 1, 2013

Signs of a Twin Flame Union

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In this video, Mel describes 12 important signs of a twin flame union not commonly found on other blogs and websites. These signs would not apply to a soulmate connection or a catalyst experience

Signs of a Twin Flame Union


  1. Mel Brand isn't the authority on Twin Flames.
    He has a superiority complex - him and Nicole aren't even a proper couple anymore.

  2. Masterfully presented Mel Brand!! (Bravo)

    What’s happening NOW regarding the Twin Flame dynamic truly is the most vital stuff as you’ve said. Your information parallels what I’ve been caused to remember and that doesn’t happen often for me since 95% of what those preaching on this topic say … is inaccurate and misleads folks.

    My "immortal essence" has confirmed this segment as (100%) valid and on point ... so much so that I shall share your insights and this link with my listeners. All this truth you're sharing has returned to my memory last year and fueled my longing for the power of the full fledged physical reunion.

    Thank you for the work you are doing. Blessings abound.