Saturday, August 23, 2014

What is a twin-flame? A short explination on mirroring of the soul (video) - Tiffany Rousseau

More and more people are starting to understand from a soul level the splitting of souls into complimentary counterparts. Most of our romantic relationships are meant for us to grow and evolve through but, once you are ready (that is determined by God) then you will have a sacred twin-flame reunion. Everyone has an exact soul-frequency counterpart. Twin souls often serve as spirit guides/guardians for the twin who is incarnate on a planet.

What is a twin-flame? A short explination on mirroring of the soul

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Interesting blogposts to come: Adam + Eve + Apple & Sexuality

~ Art of Conscious Living -  People spend a lifetime searching for peace They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions even other people hoping to fill the emptiness that plagues them. The ironyis the only place they ever needed to seach was » withIN « ~

This photo above was created "on the fly"... photo appeared via Quantum Entanglement System and I acted upon it like guided... slowly but surely creating movement... and soon there will be millions of readers (I have decided to have 1 million 111 thousand 111 pageviews within this the next 12 months) This process involves totally new way of doing things and marketing... when enough movement, then I can start to lecture world wide... it's a process... like everything else... Underlaying energy vibration » Monica Anna Maria (Mary Magdalene) Bell(ucci) IsIs ~ Matrix Unveils with Syncs of 777 «

~ For some unknown reason these photos called me last night... part of this blogpost and Soul Retrieval made last week... » Art of the Feminine (Shannon Port) ~ Integration and Healing Wave from WithIN «
~ Sexuality, Adam & Eve Hidden Treasure Redheads, Rhiannon, Cosmic Egg, sperm, egg ~

~ Sexuality and Healing ~
~ Redhead ~
~ Rhiannon, Brigid ~
~ Irish Goddess of Fire ~
Couple more of these... It's the Red Head who teaches me... Brigid for an example... Aphrodite is another teacher of mine... I have Adam & Eve, Apple and Sexuality part to be written on my book... natural process... not to be hurried... let's say profound... gotta go back to basics... water, primordial waters of eternal life, sperm, egg, cosmic egg... creation... Shannon Port from Art of the Feminine has already touched upon this wholeness from the woman side of things... I have my perspective which awaits to be released... but it's so huge topic that I leave it entirely on my book's pages... some of it maybe seen on blog... » Heart Connection Port(All): Leveling UP! In The Game of Life ~ Follow a Thread (RED) That Runs Along ~ A Treasure Is Waiting For You To Be Found ~ In the NOW! «

[ Update 1:22AM ]: LOL! Just as I was mentioning Sperm and Egg, Cosmic Egg » OM Synchronicity, Cosmic Egg, Time Travel... IO, ION, AEON, ZION, LION « | Cosmic Egg was also mentioned here: » Kajuyali Tsamani - Ayahuasca: Vine of the Soul, Cord of the Universe | Sacred Ayahuasca « Creation and Primordial Waters of Eternal Life... this happens Grace Diaz talks about Yoni Eggs. Previously we saw Grace here: » Sexuality and Healing ~ Breast Massaging with Heart Breathing | Divine Twin Flame Reunion «

» Do NOT Use a String for Yoni Egg Removal «

» Jade Egg Falling Out?? «

~ I just don't know where all of this is going... but this is simply awesome: Quantum Entanglement System in action: Responds amazingly well into my thought patterns... Sevyn Streeter - Sex on the Ceiling 999 Cosmic Egg Autumn Sky Art ~

Monday, May 19, 2014

Shannon Port: Art of the Feminine Podcasts

To access previous episodes of the Weekly Art of the Feminine Podcast please visit iTunes for FREE downloads or subscription.

~ The Awakening of the Human Race ~ Key 16, The Tower
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~ The Art of Transformation ~ Key 13, Death & Rebirth
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~ The Cosmic Law of Balance ~ Key 11, Justice
~ The Art of Manifestation ~ Key 10, The Wheel of Fortune
~ Accessing the Inner Plane ~ Key 9, The Hermit
~ Mastering the Desire-Force ~ Key 8, Strength
~ The Power of the Word ~ Key 7, The Chariot
~ Sexual Discernment and Power ~ Key 6, The Lovers
~ Awakening the Power of Intuition ~ Key 5, The Hierophant
~ The Rebirth of the Divine Masculine ~ Key 4, The Emperor
~ The Power of the Creative Imagination ~ Key 3, The Empress
~ Liberating the Subconscious Mind ~ Key 2, The High Priestess
~ The Power of Focus ~ Key 1, The Magician
~ The 22 Archetypes of Human Consciousness, Key 0, The Fool
Creating from the Secret Garden in the Heart, Part One
~ Creating from the Secret Garden in the Heart, Part Two
~ The New Feminine Sexual Paradigm
~ Awakening the Feminine Force
~ Healing the Global Sexual Crisis
~ Unveiling the Mysteries of Womankind
~ Healing the Sexual Wound of the Human Race
~ Reconciliation of the Masculine and Feminine
~ Understanding the Divine Feminine, Part One
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~ Sexuality and the Auric Field
~ Unlocking the Powers of the Threefold Soul Prism
~ Light Body Yoga: The Science of the Body of Light
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~ Balancing the Solar and Lunar Forces
~ The Three Levels of Sexuality: Human, Spiritual, and Divine
~ The Alchemy of Divine Love
~ Wisdom, Love and Sexuality
~ Light Body Woman Teleconference: December 19th, 2012
~ The Law of Cosmic Balance ~ Weekly Art of the Feminine Podcast with Shannon Port

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Art of the Feminine (Shannon Port) ~ Integration and Healing Wave from WithIN

~ Thank you Shannon Port (Art of the Feminine) I liked this video and the message so incredibly much :)
Shannon Port talks about the gifts of both the masculine and the feminine, the need of the profound role of women in the balancing of the energies on our planet, and also the importance in embodying our self-worth and expressing our voice in our careers and in the workplace to attract abundance.
» Women's Power & Self Worth Network Now® with Shannon Port «

I see this rapid paradigm busting change happening everywhere and it's absolutely fantastic to observe how these Amazingly Beautiful Strong Independent Women Are Shaping The World Around Us. Perfectly fits into what I've gone through myself here » withIN « This paradigm busting change has also reflected into my work (which is of course a representation of me in the most pure, authentic and open ways possible). It's like these Awakening Empowered Women all over the world has started to show us men how to become more in touch with our smooth, flowy, emotional, natural side of things.

This moving and flowing inevitable change is seen in Women as Directional LINE (MascuLINE) which seeks to express itself directly and clearly, but still with the elegance of smoothness of curvy flowy energetic imprint. In men this change is seen as Awakening Shakti, which seeks to balance Shiva. It then becomes a beautiful expression of Living Art known as Dance » Cosmic Dancer (Bell[y|You] Dance) ~ Time Traveling Healing Bell ~ Wave ~ From Deep » WithIN « under the surface «

~ A Woman's Heart ~ One of the Most Beautiful things In The World is a Woman's Heart (which is Living Art). It's fragile, yet Strong. Delicate, yet Resiliant. When a Woman gives you Her Heart, She gives Her Most Prized Posession. If you Love, Nurture, Cheris, and Protect it, she'll give you the World ~

It's like a "follow the leader" game all over again, but this time Women are Beating the Drum (of the One Beating Heart|Earth|Art) and Men have no other choice than follow along. It's fantasticly and clearly expressed in Samantha Jade's music video which was covered here in this blogpost: » Yoga, The Importance of Breath, Seane Corn, Batman & Bell connection + Empire Of The Sun & DNA, Phoenix (Re-Birth), Anastasia Sokolova, Dancing in the Rain, Unstoppable Wild Woman «

» Samantha Jade - Firestarter «

Read more here: » Art of the Feminine «

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sexuality and Healing ~ Breast Massaging with Heart Breathing

Sacred Sexuality, Awakened Women, Shakti Flow, Heart Chakra, Breast Massaging with Heart Breathing
~ Sacred Sexuality,
Awakened Women,
Shakti Flow,
Heart Chakra,
Breast Massaging
with Heart Breathing ~
I Just love it, when these wonderful teachers appear... it started with amazing pace 2013 with » Jennifer Posada « (What is Sacred Sexuality? with Jennifer Posada) and then with » Awakening Shakti « Lisa Schrader and couple of others... here's the latest Grace Diaz :) There's videos with tips for also men in Grace's Youtube channel. But all in all... when we talk about sexuality, creativity and shakti/shiva combination > it's basically all the same. 

We just have different looking bodies, but the main energy centers and meridians are the same And... it's good for men to learn way more about women! Men use so much time of learning about women from other men, but the true knowledge and understanding comes directly from women themselves. Study women and you will become a great lover! I promise you that 

"Our heart center is where unity resides. It is a space of unconditional love (no conditions or rules just expansive love). Within this sacred place, it is impossible to discriminate. Everyone is our family, including the plants, animals and the whole universe. Strangers become our relatives and even people who we would not normally connect with, we experience connection with.

Within this place our peace resides. We clairvoyantly breath in the moment and peacefully embrace the oneness comes with it. We can experience other's emotions as our own and appreciate their place within the universe. When we place our attention within this sacred place we are pouring out to give love. The heart center is our true reality. It is also our Spiritual Power. From this place we are supported by the laws of nature and life is abundant!

* Our heart is our inborn compass. We can easily feel if a situation is right for us. When we feel from this place, our connection to our surroundings is acute and it is easier to feel universal truth. *

As we shift from our mind to our heart, everything we experience has the same vibration as our heart. We recognize that those who do not live within this place are in need of love and we lovingly desire to shower them with it.

* No one can upset us because we understand they are simply living outside their heart. *"

» Breast Massaging with Heart Breathing «

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Debunking some false teachings on Twin Flames

We were not going to mention any names. Though we decided it is kinda confusing if we do not. This video was a response to Teal Swan's latest video on twin flames as it is incomplete and false information. (There is ONE specific person out there that is your twin flame and the whole youniverse is NOT your twin flame,however it is a relationship with GOD,creating a Tri-Flame) and Dr. Amanda Noelle as she has info on her website about the "runner" being a false twin flame which is not true.

The Twin Flame Runner 

is a stage true twin flames go through when one twin feels the experience is too intense and are in an extreme battle with their ego as it fights it's for life (because twin unions are meant to balance each partners ego or shrink it a bit) THE EGO DEATH can cause one or more twins to get very paranoid of each other thinking the other person is out to GET THEM when really it seems in most cases it is just the ego creating fears and well basically your fear of stepping into your DIVINE SELF which requires spiritual maturity. Spiritual maturity often scares one or more twin so THEY RUN.

This is text book common "the runner" phase and if you google it... It will not be hard to find. Dr. Amanda Noelle seems to think if this happens then this means this person is NOT your true twin flame. SHE ALSO MENTIONS IF THEY BRING OUT YOUR DEEPEST WOUNDS THEY ARE NOT YOUR TWIN FLAME. So So not true!!!!! this is one of the BIGGEST PARTS of the Twin Soul union... Of course you will trigger each others deepest traumas because they need to be healed! It seems as if she is saying if IT HURTS it is not TRUE LOVE....Well folks...true love is in your face, it is honesty, it pushes your boundaries, it brings all your demons to the surface and forces you to FACE YOURSELF so you can be the best you and no this is not always going to feel so good. Just because it doesn't feel GOOD all the time does not mean it's not true love or the person is not your true twin flame.

Debunking some false teachings on Twin Flames

Along with the above video concerning the phenomenon and concept of Twin Flames... there has been lots of misleading self-proclamed "teachers" out there... also misleading information about Aliens / E.T's which has basically nothing to do with us as Humans "Godly Beings" here on Earth at this time. I just wrote something about this on Kirsta Raisa's profile on facebook... "How I see this is that so many people are lost within themselves. They try to be something they're not. People get stuck with their identity and Alien/E.T stuff too much. They ignore the experience of life completely by following some channelings instead of becoming aware of their own innate beingness of All That Is... Life is very simple when you just realize how simple it really is. Then everything happens easily without any effort... I just wrote about this Awareness stuff in my website Life Is Living Art like this:

"In The Mystery Experience Tim Freke describes amazingly the very same thing which I have experienced myself: Living Life in it's innate core form: Living Awareness. Like Tim - also I have had to 'invent' a whole new dictionary around my lively experience of Life. All of this crystallizes on my book series: Life is Living Art - which aims to explain basic concepts, ideas, structure and the very much liquid, malluable, lively nature behind The Life itself in understandable and comprehensive ways.

And more importantly to common people, who are alive and experience Life themselves. The value in all of this comes from the self-actualized realization of how Lively, Exciting and Joyful Living a Life really is. The most amazing thing is that everything happens here and now - within each one of us. Resulting the crystallized realization: that we all are interconnected expressions of Living Awareness of God/Source/All That Is ~ Life " - Lively Life | The Mystery Experience (Tim Freke) | The Secret Bliss (Sonia Doubell)