Friday, April 11, 2014

Awakening Shakti ~ Twin Flame Union within

Energies just now ~ Life is Living Art and it's Beautiful :) Read more here: Healing the MascuLINE through Divine FemiNINE | Life is Living Art
This goes for men as well. "Good Morning Beauties! I've been working on a new video (to be unveiled in a few weeks) and here's a little outtake I wanted to share with you.It was the end of the day of filming....a little raw, unscripted Shakti blast about passion and awakening the feminine.Sent with love!Lisa"
Awakening Shakti with Lisa Schrader v4

Monday, March 31, 2014

DNA ~ Genetics ~ Eve

Originally released on Facebook March 21

~ Currently writing chapter on my book Life is Living Art about Healing of Masculinity through Divine Feminine. This is huge topic in and of itself and for me personally as well as collectively. I see this need for healing not only in my own life, but also on my little brothers as well as on my fathers... and more widely on a collective level as well. Here is some raw text... hopefully it will teach you something For me personally writing all of this out has been very healing. Process has taken quite some time and now it's healing effect are felt not only within, but also as a refletion without.

DNA ~ Genetics ~ Eve 

We are inseparate part of the Divine God/Source – Extensions of the Divine Source Energy and thus then Creators ourselves. Within our very own DNA we have the keys for birthing a new Life into existence. So do we really need anymore simplified defination of Co-Creator than this? The main reason why I've been connecting into many different racial DNA Genebanks through the Morphogenetic Field and published so much music videos and many different forms of Art and Syncwebs on my public facebook profile for quite some time, where women are at the center of it all, is:  

I've been finding the purest expression of FemiNINE energy aka EVE. One of the most revealing and valuable thing, that most of the current humanity are not aware of, is that we can connect into Holographic Fractal structure of DNA and Genetic Lines, without sexual expression. This is valuable quality and ability to master. The study of Epigenetics brings much of valuable insights around this topic if one is interested on learning more. 

As a result of this process, I've been activating many ancient Interdimensional as well as Human DNA-codes within me. The very purpose of Human Beings is to be Living Libraries - which basically means to be alive, living, breathing, vibrating, moving collection of every living thing in the existence. For me and filling my purpose, it's been very important and crucial to connect with EVE in any and every way possible in full co-operation and collaboration with the highest expressions of Female Deities/Goddesses. What this simply has meant, is that I have downloaded as many codes in many different forms from women in many different racial expressions and backgrounds. This has happened by connecting with women, observing and studying them and the most importantly learning from them. 

In another words: Breaking out of the corrupted matrix structure (traumatized child in the womb), correcting broken down tree of life and finally going back into Womb of the Original Creation to be healed and birthed out as anew. This happens through downloading upgrades from the Mother 'mainframe', dwelwing deeply within, going back into womb to heal and re-born as a new. By doing this I've been able to birth out a new Divine Sacred Masculinity within me into existence. This has happened slowly but surely. In actuality it's a life long process, but it has a potentiality to be harmonized into one androgynous beingness as Living Life itself – a new human blueprint of Adam Kadmon. End result being: melting all of these beautiful aspects within women into one crystallized idea of perfected, healed Christed Eternal Spirit/Children of God in Human embodiment to be expressed as Living Life and Truth in the most creative, equal, noble and abundant way possible. - From the upcoming book: Life is Living Art - Explorations in Synchronistic Flow of Life by Saul von Bell

How this crystallization reflects as visually? It's ongoing process, and pieces comes in everyday... doing so very profound work in many levels of multidimensional reality...

Healing the MascuLINE through Divine FeminNINE

Originally released on Facebook March 21

On a root level humanities current crisis or you could say the 'human condition' is a direct result of distortion of different Archetypes. We could consider the image of masculinity to be one of the furthest in level of distortion. Masculine energy is at it's core level directional and forward moving. It knows how to move swiftly and always finds the fastest way for energy current to flow forward. Masculine energy can thus then be considered to be expansive through giving. As opposed to feminine energy, which is more about receiving, where expansion happens from within. Feminine energy knows how to navigate, flow and dance over the obstacles, utilizing forward moving curve motion as a re-generative, healing and self-sustaining, but also empowering creative force. 
For centuries upon centuries humanity has suffered from overly exaggerated and direct misuse of masculine energy. Distortion in front of the energy in a form of Archetype has turned gentleness of giving into pervasive thrusting force. This has further lead to many problems in personal as well as collective level of humanity. Men have lost touch with themselves and don't quite know anymore how to be a male. There is a definite crisis on masculinity and these ripples are seen everywhere. Our current society (especially western culture) has developed under masculine dominance and thus then our world is shaped by patriarchy. This is not only seen on our contemporary popular culture, music, art and literacy, but also in mass media and in many different forms of world religions. 
God reflects the worshipper, so in Matriarchal -type of society, people will worship a Mother and a Son and in Patriarchal society, people will tend to have a cult of the Father. Matriarchal Essence of Mother Mary and her son Jesus has turned into a Patriarchal essence of the Lord as the Father. Mother Mary, Jesus turn around kinda is our own will going against the Divine Will. Masculine being direct and feminine being curve like, but neither one matriachal or patriarchal isn't the answer to problems we face in todays world. Only by integrating both aspects within, can be healing seen to happen. Neither push or pull, just what is – forward moving, living, breathing, dancing, abundant creative energy. 
In general: Not only because my spirit is finding balance between these aspects within me, but also because one of my missions as Elohim at this time/space continuum is to find purest expression of EvE again. As a long time ago it was we (Elohim), who seeded this Earth with genetics of many races; experiments of many kinds. Along the way it got corrupted several times as physical expression of energetical blueprint got mutated. Modern day human species is a collection of many different gene pools (not only within themselves, but also as body model: human as galactic level). What this means is; human body and it's energetical expression has evolved way beyond what it used to be as a blueprint. So in order to tweak it's energetical structure towards new upgraded model (galactic interdimensional Adam Kadmon), the work has to be done by finding EvE again." - From the upcoming book: Life is Living Art - Explorations in Synchronistic Flow of Life by Saul von Bell

Someone just asked me this on Teal Tribe group: "How do we find Eve again? What does that look like in the modern world?" So I wanted to share my comment also here: Essentially this is found within every human being themselves, but one has to navigate through different forms and expressions of archetypes. Not only men are doing this work, but also women. If you want some examples of what it could look like: you could take a look at these videos and the message behind them

The Divine Boy/Girl Game: It's Time to SHOW UP!!

And if we want to get that sexuality part here, this was fantastic sync yesterday

Sexuality, Sensuality, & Power: Excavating the 2nd Chakra

Sexuality & Power Part 2 - Excavating the Second Chakra

If I remember correctly Swan's had a conversation about this very same topic in latest Tea time with Teal

Tea Time With Teal Podcast #3 (Masculinity)

Information about upcoming book: Life is Living Art - Explorations in Synchronistic Flow of Life

~ Update on my book, contents and then some: I'll be out of reach from the 'online-community' for couple of days. The main reason being: I'm currently enjoying so much fun and fabulous times with my book writing process (Life is Living Art - Volume 1: Explorations in Synchronistic Flow of Life - | Other volumes comes and developes as I live this Living Art true by experiencing it subjectively xD), that I cannot direct any of my energy into other places. I Love ((( ))) this process. Learn more about from yesterdays post: | Gonna answer in couple of groups about this asap when back 'in the normal' state of being...

I would like to get these books delivered as wide audience as possible ~ get the word out! Publisher needed, if this is going to be world wide phenomenon. Self publishing route is also a possibility, but it needs much more work and focused intention and action, contacts from all areas of life. I mainly are targeting Artists, Musicians, Spiritually oriented people, who see the value in Colorful Living Life and Art in it's many forms. ~ Nothing of this sort has been seen on this Earth before. So exciting!!!

Topics in this book includes: Free Will vs. Divine Will, Choice, Reality as a Dream, Multidimensional Holofractographic Matrix Structure & Hyperdimensional Communication, Numbers & Codes, Signs & Symbols, Synchronicity, Synchromysticism, Shamanism, Ayahuasca, Angels & Archangels, Ascended Masters, Arch of the Covenant, Adam Kadmon & Eve, Tree of Life, Gnosticism, Christ Consciousness, Sophia, Isis, Manifestation, Miracles, Mother Mary, Magdalene, Divine Feminine, Sacred Masculine, Art & Creativity, Living Life, Living Truth & Living Awareness beyond Living Consciousness.

----- Contents at this point in time/space and in development ----

  • About the Author
  • About the number 33
  • Holofractographic ability to see
  • Time Travel part
  • Galactic, Angelic and Ultra-Dimensional Connections
  • Life-Times in different Worlds, Star Systems and Dimensional Realms
  • Working with Ascended Masters and Archangels 
  • Shamanistic Journeys & Inner Processes 
  • Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric) 
  • Near Death Experience (NDE) on Amanita Muscaria 
  • Ayahuasca ~ Vine of the Soul 
  • Body Consciousness & Gut Intelligence 
  • Answers comes from within 
  • Free Will vs. Divine Will ~ Problem of Choice 
  • Suffering is a Choice 
  • Human Emotions ~ Energy in motion 
  • Behavioral Patterns & Unconscious Programs 
  • Christ Consciousness & The Living Truth in Christ 
  • Living Awareness Beyond Consciousness 
  • Life is Living Art ~ Creativity, Passion & Highest Excitement 
  • Result of the Invention of the Soul: Dream within a Dream ~ Sophia's Fall 
  • Primordial Soul Soup / Tree of Souls 
  • DNA ~ Genetics ~ Adam Kadmon & Eve 
  • Creation of The New Heavens and The Earth ~ Singing The New Song of Creation 
  • Healing the MascuLINE through Divine FeminNINE 
  • Result of the Invention of the Mind: Broken Heart 
  • Analogy of a Broken Record / Heart 
  • Healing of the Heart: Life is a Dance 
  • Result of the Invention of Romantic Love: Polarity and Duality Game, Twin Flame 
  • Romantic Love as a form of Addiction ~ Looping Archetypal Stories 
  • Sex, Sexuality and Relationships 
  • Result of the Invention of Sex: Perversion of Love 
  • Rememberance of the Goddess, Divine FemiNINE, Miracles and Magic of Life 
  • Relationship with Sophia 
  • IsIs ~ Supreme Goddess 
  • Resurrecting Wild Woman Within 
  • Time is Life ~ Life is Time 
  • Mayan Coding 
  • Language, Communication, Synchronicity and Evolution of Human Consciousness 
  • Indra's Net 
  • Multidimensional Reality and Hyperdimensional Communication 
  • Shakti Flow, Aphrodite 

I as Fully Equal Expression and Extension of the Divine God/Source Energy, Living Awareness beyond Living Consciousness in Human form, enjoy of Divine Beingness and express Highest Purpose 'in the now' as fully, vibrantly and beautifully as I can. This means: In every moment I AM as honest as I can, I cheris Living Truth in every moment as I AM Living Expression of the same. This is possible by living Life under Divine Gui(dance). 
When I AM in service, I AM serving others as well as myself and all of Creation. When I have dedicated all of my Life in Service to God/Source and Living Life and Living Truth: I AM realizing, that I cannot make any promises to myself or others, which does not serve the highest purpose and highest good for my own Body, Mind, Soul, Eternal Spirit and All of Humanity and The Creation. 
I know; that it takes tremendous amounts of courage and responsibility to continue on this kind of path. In the very core of my beingness, I feel the resonance of The One God, Source of All. In this vibrational resonance, I fully recognize & aknowledge: I have no other choice than continue on my chosen path on the Divine Flow of Living Life. This form of Life is Incredible, Self Empowering, Joyful and even Blissful ~ when I do/express/live Life with the Fullness of my Core Being and with the Pure Heart, My Life becomes Beautiful Expression of Living Art. - Saul von Bell
“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~Albert Einstein

Angel brought this to me... again so fantastic syncs... riding the wave ~ just awesome After seeing Angel's videos again with wider perspective and capacity to see and feel ~ this was so awesome when I picked up that energy signature... "And here what you've been waiting for!!!" 

I really hope from the bottom of my beating heart ((( ))) that even one single precious Soul could see and feel the Living Truth and Living Life ALIVE NOW! And recognize and aknowledge this almost unfathomable and incredible value I've been delivering for the past few months. This is basis on my Life's work Life is Living Art: It contains books, website, possibly a whole new way of Living for everyone available to anyone and anywhere - multidimensionally, interdimensionally, all here now!

And I don't talk about aliens or E.T's or other stuff which has basically nothing to do with humans... but more of our own dreams, which are by-product of different levels of Soul-trauma. I'm talking about all cool new fancy things of Christ, Angels, Radiance, Glory, Vibrant Living Life with endless amounts of new possibilities, wonderful opportunities, happiness and joy, bliss. Simply this means: New way of Living is everything cool, new and outstanding from the Cutting Edge of Living Awareness, which basically is Living Life itself!

~ Where this tidal wave originates? Find out: | Just before I ended up writing this all UP! I listened Pitbull feat Christina Aguilera - Feel this moment!  and it pretty much says the same thing Cascada says...

This pretty much explains itself, when you see and feel Cascada's Incredible piece of fantastic music and beauty ((( ))) I Love it so much!!! Quote from yesterday: "And of course Sharon Doorson kinda called me with these 'jungle voices' I've been hearing like 6 months... difficult to explain... did that quite much in the past few months... so... I'm not going to even try to explain it further... Sharon Doorson - Fail In Love (Official Music Video)"

Finally what I've been talking about is out in the open so visible to see, hear and aknowledge without the need for words... but ((( listen ))) carefully what she is saying! I have said this same thing over and over again: "everything will change ~ soon" and this is no more! New heavens and the Earth! This is what she and Angel amongst many other I have introduced to my 'audience' are telling this same Sophia/Shekina message over and over again ~ more visible, because we literally are running out of time... This is a movement (Dance of Life) and it cannot be stopped ~ It just is and lives ~ Come and join us and you will find us within your own Heart and it is Earth (See?) and it is ART (See?)

This is why Art is so important NOW! this I refered to my earlier posts... talked about on my synchromystic blog way way back: OM Synchronicity, Cosmic Egg, Time Travel... IO, ION, AEON, ZION, LION 

These form a whole story and codes is embedded to open this UP! ~ LaSelva feat. Angel - Your Life 

Water as element and symbol for emotions = energy in motion is quite subtly and wonderfully utilized in this video: 

Read more about this from last nights post and especially comment section about emotions: | just realized that it missed this part:

"We as humans are mostly made out of water. Roughly said some 75% of us is pure water and the most of it, is stored within our cells. From here we get to the very basic idea of human species itself – physicality. This brings forth the flesh and the skin, which are of course composed from the individual cells, which further makes up our body – a vehicle for the Soul to explore physicality or densely vibrating energy. Purpose being to fully know and master densely vibrating energy and birth out self-awareness within this level of consciousness. 
When we consider that the skin is the single largest organ in our body, we need to get familiar with it. This is because in order to master physicality, we need to find equilibrium and balance between spiritual and physical. Body Consciousness and Gut Intelligence was talked about in the previous chapters, when we delved into the concepts, ideas and tools behind Shamanistic practices. In short, it's good to remind ourselves, that when we give the needed attention to our body, listen, nurture and love it, we start to get know our bodies more. By doing this, we become more aware of our bodily functions, consciousness and wisdom it holds. Sometimes it's needed to explore fleshness to become connected to our humaness and to fully feel what it's like to be a human in the very core level. No matter what kind of method we choose to use to become more connected to our humaness, the result is always the same: becoming more in touch with our emotional body. 
By connecting with our emotions through the emotional body, we're connecting also with our innate spiritual essence with it's purity and innocence. When we're connected into our spiritual essence, we're inspired (IN-Spirit) – full of new ideas, excitement and creativity. Because we're basically made out of water, we're like waves in the ocean ~ made to flow with life. The word emotion comes from the idea of energy being in motion. This kind of energy can be multidirectional and move in the most pleasurable, touching and beautiful ways possible ~ most often it's related to our relations with other people. By expressing emotion we utilize our emotional body and thus are in touch with your innate nature ~ The Flow of Life, Experience of The Experience itself, pure awareness of the Divine Living Awareness itself (talked more about in the next chapter)."

Cascada rocks her 33 energies absolutely fantasticly!!! And what's all about Rio de Janeiro and Brazil? I didn't know this before, but now I know ~ which is awesome! I was born 5th of January 1981 3:03AM... so has Cascada born on January and Deepika Padukone (5th to be exact)... I've been writing these a lot... find out more here: Life is Living Art - Syncwebs: About Rio (River of January): "Translated to English, Rio de Janeiro literally means River of January. The city’s name was given after a misconception made by the first Portuguese who arrived in Rio. On January 1st, 1502 the fleet of Portuguese Caravelas reached the mouth of Guanabara Bay. Since the mouth of Tejo River in Lisbon is wider than Guanabara Bay’s mouth and it was January 1st, the lands around it were instantly named River of January. Who would have imagined it was actually a huge bay?"

This keeps getting better and better: "In the 2010 film Clash of the Titans, Io was portrayed by British actress Gemma Arterton. Gemma is born on 12 January 1986, so she is Capricorn (just like I am - personal sync for me). Her birthdate equals number 10 (1+2+1+1+9+8+6 = 28 = 2+8 = 10). Interesting here is that she also starred James Bond movie Quantum of Solace and Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, which deals with Time Travel. 
This links us to Jake Gyllenhaal, who has been in many Time Traveling themed movies. I wrote something about my Time Traveling Sync Experiences here: 21.10.2012 Synchromystic time traveling. Abbreviation of Time Travel is TT. And T is the 20th letter in Latin alphabet. So TT = 22. This can also be seen as 11:11, if we split the number two in parts. It's funny how these syncs are working xD I'm writing this blogpost 2.2.2013, which contains numbers 22 and 222. Date equals 10 (2+2+2+0+1+3) and this writing is all about the number ten (10) and that "Everything comes from the One (1) / Zero Point (0)". 
In Numerology Master Number 22 is the most powerful of all numbers. It is often called the Master Builder. The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality. It is potentially the most successful of all numbers. It has many of the inspirational insights of the 11, combined with the practicality and methodical nature of the 4. It is unlimited, yet disciplined. It sees the archetype, and brings it down to earth in some material form. It has big ideas, great plans, idealism, leadership, and enormous self-confidence. 
Using this same formula, we have Donnie Darko = DD = 44. The number 44 is "higher octave" of 22. And more these numbers... As you can see Jake has been in three (3) TT -types of movies. They all contain the numbers 1 and 2. Donnie Darko was released in 2001, Sands of Time 2010 and Source Code in 2011." from my sync blog